Beard dandruff & itchy/dry skin

Beard Oils as a Remedy.

Below are some of our beard oils that will help prevent beard dandruff, skin irritation, itching and burning. They contain natural Bergamot and Cedarwood oils that help prevent skin irritation/inflammation and also help with hair growth.

Beard dandruff & dry/itchy.


What causes beard dandruff.


  • not washing your beard well
  • over-washing your beard
  • excess oil
  • dry skin
  • skin inflammation such as eczema/psoriasis
  • poor diet


To get rid of beard dandruff you need to remove dead skin cells while controlling extra oil to prevent new flakes from forming. Therefore, you need to combine regular exfoliation, washing, and moisturizing.


Bergamot and Cedarwood essential oils for controlling beard dandruff have been very effective. Their antiseptic and antimicrobial agents help with skin infection and inflammation caused by bacteria growth or germs.

These skin conditions are often result in beard dandruff, dry and itchy skin underneath the beard.

Bergamot and Cedarwood oils are also wonderful beard conditioners/moisturizers that will keep your beard nourished, hydrated and shiny.



Most Bergamot oils and other citrus oils are photosensitive, meaning that when applied to your beard and skin, your skin can turn red and become irritated when exposed to sunlight. Ours is NON-photosensitive. It is bergapten-free and safe.


Skin irritation.

Itchy beard and dry skin underneath your beard can be very annoying. But it can be remedied easily with proper beard grooming and maintenance.


  • Getting razor burns while shaving is a common issue for bearded men. Using a four or five-blade razor will help with this condition.

beard oil for ginger beard


  • Never shave up, against the grain. Always move your razor in a downward motion or whichever direction your beard hair grows.


  • Apply a post-shave beard oil after shaving. As a result, this will help with redness, burning, itching and inflammation. Moreover, it is important to keep your hair and skin hydrated and moisturized. Bear oil contains vitamins and minerals that will do just that.


Grooming regimen.

While looking for beard and skin wash products, make sure they are rich in nutrients and vitamins. Consequently, they will not dry out your skin or hair.


Select a natural wash product, chemical-free that will not strip your beard and skin of its natural oils.


For a good moisturizer, look for a non-comedogenic oil — meaning it won’t clog your pores — like a beard oil containing Coconut oil.