Beard acne, ingrown hairs & Pimples.

Beard Oils as a Remedy.

Below are some of our beard oils that will help prevent acne, pimples and ingrown hairs. Above all, they contain specific oils that help prevent growth of bacteria and also help with hair growth and hair thickness.

1 – Wash your beard.

Beard acne, beard ingrown hairs are a common issue while growing a beard.


It is important to keep your beard clean. Acne and pimples will occur if sebum and dead skin cells are not removed properly and will then mix with bacteria. Therefore, wash you beard often. In addition, remember not to stroke it as this action can deliver bacteria.


2 – Ingrown hairs.

Some pimples can be caused by ingrown hairs, which show up during the stubble phase. It is when the hair first sprouts from the follicles and curls back into the skin. As a result, this will create redness and bumps that might be painful, itchy and unsightly.

beard oil for fast beard growth


In conclusion, to avoid ingrown hairs, apply and lather your shaving cream and don’t shave to closely. Also do not hold your skin taut to avoid cutting your hair too short. Do not press down on the razor. Apply a post-shave beard oil.


3 – A word about “bumps”.

Some bumps, which appear as a small, scaly parch on the skin and under your beard hair can be Actinic Keratosis (AK). They are usually due to sun exposure.


While about 90% of them will not turn into skin cancer. However, you should have them checked by a dermatologist on a regular basis.

Better be safe than sorry!


4 – Clean your razor blade.

Cleaning your blade after each stroke will avoid bacteria settle in your pores and avoid infection. And obviously, change your blade often.


5 – After shave moisturizer/conditioner.

After cream-shaving, apply a beard moisturizer such as a beard oil to keep your hair and skin soft and nourished.

Some beard oils will also help tighten pores, reduce irritation and treat ingrown hairs.