Our Story

lavender beard oil

Catherine Simms – Founder & Mixologist


I was born and raised on the Northwestern coast of Brittany, France. I grew up loving the ocean salty scents. During the summer months, I could smell the ocean and seaweed aromas coming through our open windows.


When I mixed my first oils, I wanted to re-create a fresh composition of my childhood recollection of the unique aroma, that landed to a distinctive sea water scent that refreshes our mind and our senses.


I also spent many years in Provence, in the South of France. I recall walking to school with my brothers through warm vineyards and lavender fields. The fragrance was intoxicating!

When I was in high school I discovered essential oils. The ones sold in France were mainly produced in Provence and Morocco. Patchouli and Sandalwood were my favorite ones.


I tried all sort of fragrances and started mixing them. At that moment, I was hooked. I used them on my coarse, frizzy and unmanageable hair. It was the perfect moisturizing and anti-frizz potion.


French people use lavender for everything including cooking, fragrances and little sachets that you stick in your dresser drawers. I remember my grand-mother ironing our linen bed sheets with a homemade lavender water spray. I always loved lavender.


Growing up with three brothers, I witnessed the struggle men can go through trying to grow a beard. It was sometimes very frustrating to them.


Therefore, I thought that all the bearded men out there, would enjoy the benefits of natural and healthy Beardelish beard oils.


I live now in Stamford, CT USA with my husband Stephen and our sweet Black Labrador Blue, who gets his beautiful shiny coat from coconut oil.

Nature Inspiration

Nature, wildlife and the environment welfare is very close to heart and home.


In 1978, right after the Amoco Cadiz disastrous oil spill, sailing through extremely bad weather, the supertanker split in two releasing its entire cargo of 1,619,048 barrels of oil into the ocean. This ecological disaster covered a total of 800 square miles, including 200 miles of coastline.


It was heartbreaking. The black tide had covered the birds with a heavy, viscous blanket. If they were not dead, they couldn’t fly. We tried our best to clean them up, but most of them could not be saved. 20,000 birds were killed.


It was horrifying! To this day I have been supporting wwf.worldwildlife.org  and other such organizations.

Wine Inspiration

Many of the scents I create are inspired by my favorite fine wines. The bouquets and aromas are very similar. A Cotes du Rhone will have a hint of lavender; a Red Bordeaux will have vanilla and smoky notes; a Chardonnay, citrusy and oaky ones.


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